TAG La – Find Your Lost Item in Seconds 2018-07-01T19:41:21+00:00

The fastest way to find your belongings.

Attach TAG La.

Attach, drop, slide or stick your TAG La to the thing you do not want to lose.

Find your phone.

Double click on your TAG La to make your phone ring — even it’s on silent.

See where you last had it.

Left something behind? TAG La app will automatically mark the item last location.

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Available in 6 Fun Colors.

Whether you want to track and locate your keys, wallet, backpack, luggage, or your kid’s favourite toy, there’s TAG La in your favourite color that complements your belongings perfectly.

See how TAG La makes people’s lives easier.

“Without technology like TAG La, it could take hours looking for something we lost”

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“I have to say, TAG La worked like a charm, I really appreciate it. Thanks again for making a great product!”

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“No more having to remember where everything is at that moment, no more worrying where my kids left their backpack or wallet “

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