【Life】8 Brilliant Ways to Keep Track of Your Keys 


Have you lost your keys again?  We’ve all been there. But if you implement some of these key organization ideas, you’ll never have to dig through your purse, search up and down, the kids’ toy box or the refrigerator (yes, seriously) looking for your keys again. From key holders to key finders and easy way to distinguish keys from each other, you’ll find lots of helpful tips here!


Key Holder


Key holder make you more organise, whenever you use the key, simply place it back to the key holder, then you’ll never forget where you place your keys anymore.


Design Your Keys


Design your unique keys so that you can spot it easily, either stick it with sticker or paint it with your nail polish!


Design Custom Box


Give each key (or set of keys) its own labeled area so that way, there’s never any confusion about which set to grab.


Key Cap


Of course, key caps are a great option if you don’t mind spending a few buckets. And they’re reusable, too.


Customize Key Chain


How about using daily item to customise your own keychain? You can use old bottle cap, or colourful cloth to design your own keychain.


Eye Catchy Key Holder


Make a tennis ball holder to hang by the door. Store your keys in the “mouth”. They’re also great for stashing papers, pens and other things on the fly.


Realistic Rock Key Holder


Don’t like the idea of your keys being in plain sight? Hiding your key in a realistic rock key holder, and no one will ever suspect that your keys are inside the rock!


Key Finder


Want to find your key in a more brilliant way? A bluetooth tracker is the answer to your problem! You can attach these trackers to other things, too, such as your key, backpack, purse or wallet in second.

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