【Radio Interview】- TAG La at BFM 89.9 The Business Station


TAG La is a gadget built on the simplest of ideas. What if your misplaced items could call out to your phone so that you wouldn’t have to waste time seeking them out? TAG La is a small tag that leverages on Bluetooth to detect your everyday items. We speak to founders Edison and Max about the simplicity of the item, their target market, and future products from the company.



On 18 Aug 2016, TAG La founders Edison & Max was invited to speak about TAG La.

Left (Max), Right (Edison) interviewed at BFM
Left (Max), Middle (Freda- BFM), Right (Edison) interviewed at BFM



Wanna know more about TAG La? Their future products or their plans? Listen to their podcast now at http://www.bfm.my/open-for-business-tag-la-edison-lim.html

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