5 organizing tips promised to make your day easier!


We believe everyone has a few hacks that you always use to help to get through your busy daily lives. Since we, TAG La is all about helping our community, we have compiled 5 simple tips here for you to make your day easier.


1. Make a short list of what needs to be done!

Do you have a few tasks that you have to do tomorrow? If yes, the evening before, take a few minutes and make a short list of what needs to be done, either on paper, on your phone or in your head. Then, start the next day prepared and go through the list when the opportunity presents itself. Then, sit back and relax, even if you don’t make it all the way down through your list, at least you’ve shortened it a bit!


2. Take care of your health, eat healthy!

Plan your meals – you know best when you’ll get hungry. Plan your schedule! The more time you left, the more time you have to go for a healthier meal, instead of just running to the nearest fast food place.


3. Allocate an ‘Out the Door’ area in your home.

It can be an empty cabinet surface, a shelf or a bowl, just make sure to keep it clutter free and only use it for items you always take with you when you go out the door. You can use it for your keys and wallet, so that you can grab them as you go!


4. Take 5 minutes per day to tidy up your home.

Just go through the place and put away anything you used during the day, but didn’t have time to put away. 5 minutes, just 5 minutes per day! Dirty dishes, dirty clothes, your gym bag or makeup can all be straightened in a few minutes. You will sure be so thankful when it finds everything it needs in the right place again.


5. Get a TAG La.

Don’t panic when you misplace something! Instead, work around the problem and use the TAG La to ring and find your keys, wallet, your kid’s toy or your phone. Simply ring it, find it and be out the door in no time!


For more information, please visit http://www.tagla.com.my

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