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Office should be like your home. We want to make sure you work in a comfortable environment. A place that can spark your ideas. 

Our team

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Edison Lim


Started his very first business at the age of 16. Worked with numerous corporate clients including Forbes World most reputable company throughout the year. The experiences he gained gave him the opportunity to be the speaker at TEDx and a mentor for an entrepreneur program at his alma mater. 

Max Chua


Max is an adventure backpacker, travelling around the world and experience all kinds of adventures activities and works. Before travelling, he has been working as a salesperson for 3 years, from selling personal computer to door-to-door sales. 


Charlene Low

Social Media

She plays Facebook & Instragram most of the time in the office! No choice, she has to find the trending content. Consider the best job in the world! 

Manson Lim

Project Director

Top student in the University, maybe this is why he can remembered everything of the company. From A-Z, nothing he does not know about our company. 

Hean Won

Creative Director

His mantra: From mountain to sea, everything i could do I will do! Not only that, he has strong passion towards pets! His dream is to own a ZOO! How crazy he can be! 

Jazlene Teh

Business Development

An organised and detail person. Full of passion and aggressive to achieve her dream. She mentioned that “TAG La” is somewhere that’s full of inspiration, a “Home” she called. 

Jason How

Content Creator

From a banker to a salesman, now a content creator! You can never imagined how hard working he is. He loves learning, and he thinks that curiosity is a wonderful gift. 

Tx Choo


Typical Leo. Minimalism in art. Specialise in graphic design, expertise in AI. Nothing she does not know about AI! Her mantra: Being unique is better than being perfect. 

Bei Qi


She needs a coffee everyday, this is why she becomes the barista in the company. Coffee is like an art for her, where all her creative ideas come from. 

Zheng Yo


A Taurus who is passionate about art, design and photography. A very humble and kind boy in the office, no wonder he is surrounded by girls all the time!