Difference between Bluetooth Trackers & GPS Trackers

 It’s not surprising that we get a lot of questions about GPS trackers versus Bluetooth trackers and what sets them apart. In fact, pretty much the only thing the two technologies have in common is that they’re radio-based tracking devices. Otherwise, they have very different purposes and goals. We'll explain more about it:

Bluetooth Tracker:

Bluetooth trackers are tiny devices that sync with your phone and it can be attached to small objects such as house keys, wallet, car keys, etc to allow you to track them in close range. Bluetooth trackers are solutions for people who tend to forget their keys or wallet everytime they go out, but these devices have limited use.

GPS Tracker:

GPS Trackers, on the other hand, have unlimited range and they are able to track the location of an object anywhere on the planet where GPS signals are available. GPS tracking devices upload the location data via cellular signals and display the location to the user via an app or a software. If you’re worried about losing your car, motorcycle or want to see the location of an object in real-time, what you need is a GPS Tracker. GPS tracking devices are able to display the real-time location of an object on demand.


Bluetooth trackers are relatively cheap, with no additional monthly fees attached. GPS trackers are more expensive and have an added monthly subscription fee where the cost can vary depending on what coverage plan you need.

Battery Consumption:

Bluetooth trackers requires very little power but only a few come with a replaceable battery. The rest will last about a year and will need to be replaced after that. Some companies offer a discounted renewal program for repurchases. GPS trackers have substantial power consumption, but most are rechargeable and will last between 1 – 3 days.

Sound Alert:

All Bluetooth trackers can ring when you search for them using your phone. You can also use them to make your lost phone ring, in case you forget where you put it. GPS trackers do not automatically have sound alerts included.

Community Help:

All Bluetooth trackers offer community help, where you can anonymously ask other tracker users for help when your Bluetooth tracker gets disconnected. GPS trackers do not offer community help since you have a constant connection to either your device or an external service.

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