Christmas Edition with a surprising BOOM!

The hot new Christmas Edition TAG La has been launched for the most anticipated festival of the year! There are only a few more weeks left to prepare the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones? So, have you got one yet?

Each Christmas Edition TAG La comes in front & back designs. Each of them also comes with a specially designed Christmas themed packaging. Isn't it adorable?

We've also launched a Christmas confetti BOOM card as a complimentary gift for every Christmas Edition TAG La purchaser for the very first time!

What is a BOOM card and how does it work? The BOOM card will pop up, then follow with the confetti once you release the rubber band that is tied to it. Jump and BOOM! And this is how surprise works! Watch videos below to find out more!

Get it for your friends and family to make their Christmas extra special!

Special Christmas Package:

2 Christmas Edition TAG La + 2 Complimentary BOOM cards + 1 FREE regular TAG La for only RM199.90! FREE SHIPPING!