Top Reason Why Employees Quit Their Jobs!

Let's cut the BS and get straight to the point.

Good employees are the greatest assets of a corporation. Treat them good and they will run your business for you. Statistics show that the number 1 reason why employees quit their job is due to poor compensation and benefits. Let us show you how you can make your employees stay loyal and passionate about your business without increasing their salary.

First of all, it is the little things that count. You do not need to directly give them a huge raise to make them stay. Yeah, that’s right. Most employees in this generation are even willing to work for lower paying jobs just to have higher job satisfaction.

Before I tell you the secret method, let me explain to you why the little things matter the most.

Have you ever heard of something called a “birthday present”? Something you don’t necessarily have to pay a lot of money for but the person you’re giving to would be very appreciative and thankful to you. A good and thoughtful gift can save you from a RM10,000 Louis Vuitton handbag.

It is so simple. The one and only tradition we still practice till this day is gifting. It is by far the most important aspect towards strengthening relationships.

On the other side of the table, corporations are killing their brain cells to decide whether or how much should they raise an employee’s salary to keep them working for the business. Corporations can simply prepare unique corporate gifts for employees during corporate events. But, bare in mind not to have the usual and lame flash drives or power banks to represent your gratitude towards your employees. Give them something useful that will enhance their personal life or their work life, or even better, both.

Most HR persons in charge are always frustrated when it comes to corporate gift ideas, hence the tradition of giving flash drives and power banks. Please don’t do that.

Let me give you a golden ticket to the best corporate gift in 2019.

Introducing the TAG La device. A small, stylish and useful item that people can carry with them in their everyday lives by attaching it to their everyday valuables.​

TAG La is a Bluetooth item tracker for misplaced items. Attach your TAG La device on your items to keep them safe. If you happen to misplace any of the items, simply open up TAG La’s FREE Application, and with a simple tap on your screen, your misplaced items will be screaming for your attention in no time.

I know what you’re thinking.

What if you lost your phone? Don’t worry, they’ve got your back. The TAG La device itself also serves as a tracker for your smart phone. I know, amazing. If you can’t find your phone, simply double tap on the TAG La device and your phone will be ringing even if it’s on silent mode. That’s right.

The tracking range between your phone and your TAG La device is 75 feet. Once you overextend the tracking range, it will automatically send you a notification through your smart phone notifying you that you’ve left your particular item behind. You can check the location of the item you left behind in the App as well.

This leads to the next function, which is TAG La’s community search function. It enables users to track items outside of the tracking range as well. All you have to do is turn on your community search for your item, and when another TAG La user passes by the location of your item, you will automatically receive the current location of your item.

TAG La also serves as a selfie remote. They have an in-app camera that lets you take selfies by using your TAG La device as a remote.

That is a total of 5 unique functions bundled into a beautifully and uniquely made technology product awaiting to be uniquely represented as a unique corporate gift to your loving employees.

This does not only help to make their work efficient, it helps them to live everyday efficiently, without wasting a single second looking for their valuables. This does not only show that you care about them on a business level, this shows that you care about them even on a personal level as well.

Lastly, TAG La allows corporate partners to print their logos on each TAG La. This means that your employees will not only be carrying a TAG La with them everyday, they will be carrying your company brand and your message with them throughout their walk of life.

Big brands are doing it, why aren’t you?

Never lose your employees again, because with TAG La, Nothing Is Lost.