General Question

Is my phone compatible with TAG La?

TAG La requires a tablet or phone to be running the TAG La app in the background. TAG La works with:

  • iPhone 4s & later
  • iPad 3rd Generation & later
  • iPad mini & later
  • iTouch 5
  • Android 4.3 & Later with Bluetooth Low Energy

From where do you ship TAG La?

TAG La is a Malaysian-born company.
We ship all orders from our HQ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

What differentiate TAG La with other similar products?

TAG La is more than just a Bluetooth item finder. Some of the features that strongly differentiate the TAG La from the others:

  • TAG La comes with 6 different colors. We believed that different colors have different psychological meanings.
  • Replaceable battery which can easily replace (CR2032)
  • Share your TAG La with your family and friends
  • Enjoy the endless possibilities of your precious moment

Notifications/ Updates

Stay in touch with our latest news on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/taglaTM


How does TAG La work?

What is TAG La?

A revolutionary solution to finding missing items: the TAG La Bluetooth Tracker. Designed to help people keep track of important items that are easy to lose, such as phones, keys, and iPads, TAG La is a tiny, versatile and lightweight tracker that can alert the user to the location of any item through sound or light.

TAG La will forever eliminate the frustrations of not being able to find the car keys right before an important meeting or dinner. With TAG La, a simple app connected to the phone will alert the user on the exact location of the missing items through sound or light.

What is the range of the TAG La?

TAG La’s Bluetooth range is up to 75ft. Bluetooth is most effective at the 30 ft range, depending on the environment, no location in the house or car is too far for TAG La to pick up on.

What is the size of the TAG La?

TAG La’s dimensions are 38mm x 38mm x 4mm (Height x Width x Thickness) and the weight is less than 30g.

Do I Need Internet Access To Use My TAG La?

You do not need either Wi-Fi connection or mobile network to connect with TAG La. The only thing you need is Bluetooth on your phone!

Battery Duration & Lifetime of TAG La

TAG La uses CR 2032 Lithium Coin Battery, lasts about half a year.

How many TAG La devices can be paired to my phone or tablet?

Apple iOS devices can pair up to 10 TAG La devices or more at a time. Android devices can pair anywhere from 3-10 depending on the manufacturer and the operating system version.

If I buy multiple TAG Las, can I share them with friends and family?

TAG La devices can be shared with family and friends, as long as those you are sharing with have a compatible phone and have downloaded the free TAG La app. Although users cannot connect two phones to one TAG La devices simultaneously, multiple TAG La devices may be connected to one phone at a time. If you are purchasing a TAG La multi-pack and would like to give away some of the devices to a friend or family member, please feel free!


Shipping Details

Your Order Ship Date

We are shipping TAG La daily. Normally shipping takes 2-4 business days once you place an order. For international shipping it takes 7-14 business days once you placed an order.

Shipping Cost within Malaysia

All orders with totals of RM 100 and above will entitled to FREE shipping.

Shipping Address Change Request

To update any contact information (billing address, shipping address, phone number or e-mail) for your TAG La order, please send a message to our

Customer Support team which includes:

Your Order Number,
Email address associated with your order and
The contact information you would like to change
Contact us at: ilovetagla@gmail.com

Available Countries

TAG La is shipping Worldwide


Bulk Orders, Distribution & Brand Partnerships

Bulk Orders

If you are interested in printing a logo on TAG La, giving away TAG La at an event or other bulk order promotional opportunities, do drop us an email at ilovetagla@gmail.com.

Distribution and Retail Sales

If you are a distributor or retailer interested in TAG La, do contact us at ilovetagla@gmail.com.

Brand Partnerships

We’re interested in partnering with the best and fastest growing brands on the planet that provide simple sleek experiences to customers. Do contact us for brand partnership at ilovetagla@gmail.com.




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