How Crowd GPS Works?

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Crowd GPS (or you may also called it as “Community Search”) is based on the idea that if you can’t find something, let’s say, your keys, maybe someone else can — as long as they also happen to be using the TAG La app (iOS and Android), with Bluetooth turned on and Community Search (Crowd GPS) enabled on Setting. Your lost keys will give off a unique identifier that can be detected by other people’s apps, sending you GPS location about where they are. By using Crowd GPS, you can now help others find their lost items and enlist your community to help you find yours.



This is how it works:

1) Firstly, make sure you have turned on Bluetooth on your phone and have the “Community Search” enabled  in the TAG La app; otherwise, this feature will not be functional. Keep in mind that TAG La app has to be opened at all times, no matter foreground or background, as long as it’s running. But, do not worry, it will not used up your phone battery.


2) If you’ve lost your item, simply tap “Ask for Help” in the app to allow TAG La global community to help you find your lost items. You are no more alone. How great is that? 😉



3) As soon as someone running the TAG La app comes within range (75 ft.) of your lost items with TAG La attached, you will get notify if item is found and the app will automatically send you its updated location.



If you ask, “Is Community Search safe?”

The answer is YES! Location update works automatically and anonymously, therefore we can assure you that this feature is completely safe and user friendly. You will unknowingly help other people to find their lost items without receiving any annoying notification; meanwhile, they will not receive any information about you on their sides either.


What if I don’t have TAG La? How can I join the TAG La community?

Do not own a TAG La? No problem! Do you know that you actually don’t need to have a TAG La to be a part of the TAG La community? You may ask your friends and family to download and run the app. With every person added, you get 75 more feet of finding power!


Are you clear about our new feature – Crowd GPS now? Feeling interested? Why not get a new TAG La now to enjoy the new feature! Pre-order to enjoy special promotion as well. Valid until 30th of June only! 

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