Forever Love

Oh Sweet Encounter 

You’re My Living Water

Through It All Forever

Here I Am

And There You Stand

Should I Ever Wonder 

That We’re Meant For Each Other

We all desire for love that is unconditional and overflowing. We all long to be loved just like in the movies: He’s my Romeo, and she’s my Juliet; and we then live happily ever after. 

Even so, in expectations of a perfect relationship, we tend to be left disappointed. “I thought she was the one.” “I thought he was my Prince Charming.” “We were so perfect”. For the most part, we get so heartbroken that we solemnly swear to not believe in love anymore for the rest of our lives. 

What had you looked for in love? When we love, we have certain expectations of a particular someone or something. 

Put it this way: Love is complicated, and love is also expectant.

I Want Someone Who Remembers Everything For Me

That’s right. All because we rely on that other person a little bit too much, we expect them to remember every single detail of our lives. Or perhaps, it could solely be just you being forgetful, and knowing that you can count on someone makes you feel secure. That’s most of us anyway. It’s not that we cannot do it, but we just don’t find the reason to do it when someone else can do it for us. 

How nice would that be, to have someone share the burden with you always!

Sends You Texts

We’ve all had that ‘butterfly’ moment when someone special texts us. Waking up to lovely texts can be the best feeling ever, but without those texts, we feel so empty and we feel as if a part of us has detached far from our bodies. 

Some of the very familiar ‘butterfly’ feel texts: “How are you?” “What are you doing?” “I miss you” “Hey, I’m here to remind you that…”

Is that something you wish to encounter the first thing you wake up every day? 

Calls Me Even In Darkest Times

‘Cold war’ – one of the common occurrences in relationships. Whenever this happens, the first person to make the move to say “I’m sorry” loses, or could be seen as the weaker person. Because of that, usually, nobody initiates the apology. “ I want him/her to apologize first”. Then the war continues…

But imagine, just how amazing it’ll be if that other person rings you up first even though you’re in the worst mood or even in your silent state.


Not All Things Last Forever

Sometimes, not all things go the way we want it to. When things don’t work out between two people, they fall apart, they lose touch, and they lose connection. Many of us take this so negatively, but we have to understand that that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

Look around and you’ll realise that community and friends too can help us find ourselves back, and that’s completely okay! We should never think any less of ourselves because of that.  

The Perfect Moment

We want to capture the most precious moments – when we’re out on dates, our first trip together, and all that jazz. Sometimes, it can be quite the hassle to take pictures ourselves since there’s only us the duo – just me and him, just me and her, but it is those moments that we really want it only to ourselves and no one else, right? 

Then again, as humans, we can only satisfy someone that much. In fact, we indulge in romance so much that we overlook something that could also give us as much  attention as we expect in a relationship.

You probably might not have guessed it – it’s TAG La.

TAG La can help you: 

Remember where you last had all your items. 

Fulfilling the: I Want Someone Who Remembers Everything For Me criteria.

Send you notifications and locations of your lost item.

Fulfilling the: Sends You Texts criteria.

Ring your lost phone for you even if it’s on silent.

Fulfilling the: Calls You Even In Your Darkest And Most Silent State criteria.

Since the device is functional through Bluetooth, even if you fall out of the 75 ft range and feel completely disconnected, you will still have the TAG La Global Community to help you find your items back.

Comforting you when: Not All Things Last Forever.

Lastly, act as a selfie remote to help you capture the most memorable and precious moments of your life.

Fulfilling the: The Perfect Moment criteria.  

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