"I Hope She Says Yes!"

Wise Men Say

Only Fools Rush In

But I Can’t Help 

Falling In Love With You

Take My Hand

Take My Whole Life Too

For I Can’t Help

Falling In Love With You

Guys, are you madly in love with the woman of your dreams? Are you so sure that she’s the one? Are you sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with her? Whether the both of you were childhood sweethearts, met in school or through a friend, or it was a lucky love at first Swipe, if your answers are “Yes” to all the “Are You (s)”, you are READY.

I get it, getting down on one knee can be really nerve-racking. To propose is not just part of a ‘procedure’ to get to the next step marriage and the wedding, but, it is an act of surrender. It is an act of surrender and love, promising each other that you want to share your life with one another, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part.

Are you excited but don’t know what to do at the same time? Don’t fret, here’s a guide to prepare for the most unforgettable proposal ever and one that would hopefully make her say “Yes”!

Get The Blessings

If you’re planning to pop the question soon, it’s time to sit down and talk to her parents to ask for their blessings. Sometimes, this may be a good opportunity to find out whether you are actually ready for marriage. As you are seeking advice from a married couple themselves, it’s good to get some fresh perspectives from their end. And if they think you are ready to take care of their daughter, they will unhesitatingly give you their blessings. Most importantly, let them know your sincerity, and how you are able to take up the role as a faithful husband to their daughter.

Start Planning

Look out for the best places for your proposal. If there’s too many to choose from, you can always consider your first date spots, your favourite hang out place, or somewhere the both of you have not been before. That way, she’ll be less suspicious! “Which is the best day for me to propose?” Don’t worry or stress out too much about the date, as long as you feel that date is a good date, go with your gut feeling! However, if you are planning on an outdoor proposal, just don’t forget to check the weather forecast, unless you want to propose in the rain, that is. Evenings are the best time of the day to propose not too sunny, not too dark, perfectly dim and romantic.

You should have a game plan, as you don’t want to panic on that day and go all over the place. Involve a few of your close friends and family, and plan it out with them. It will definitely be a lot easier with the help and support of friends and family as you have extra hands to help you with the setup and decorations, while you just focus on getting on one knee. Share the details of your dream proposal with them, but make sure they keep it a secret. Get as crazy and creative as you wish! Just make sure you’ve thought through all the details to ensure that the whole game plan is workable, and you’re absolutely good to go!

She Wants To Hear It All

Girls like to hear the ‘why(s)’. “Why do you love me?” “Why do you want to marry me?” “Why do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?”. She wants to hear them all! Be honest with how you feel about her, tell her every detail, every word you have in your heart, express it all. She wants to know why she should give her life to this man kneeling before her. Pen it down your favourite moments together, your dreams and visions as a married couple, everything!

Don't Forget The Ring

Ah, the most important item and one that you certainly cannot leave out. To determine which is the perfect ring for her, try to find out what kind of ring or what kind of diamond she likes. It’s very easy, when you go out on dates, you may even casually walk pass a jewelry shop and try to observe what catches her attention. Besides that, to make sure it fits perfectly on her finger, you can find opportunities to sneakily find out her ring size. You want it to be a surprise, so you wouldn’t want to ask her directly as she might get suspicious!

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

Next up, is to rehearse. Just like dancers and performing artists, to perfect their routines and performance, you know the drill: Practice Makes Perfect! To ensure you have the best and unforgettable proposal yet, be sure to practice so that you don’t get too anxious and forget what to do. The popular quote says it all: Practice and your proposal shall be Perfect.

Overwhelmed and stressed out already? Don’t be! The whole proposal should be an enjoyable process. Just think about how all these will be worth it in the end. You’re so close to happily ever after, don’t give up just yet!

Still not so sure how to do it? Fret not, we’ve got an idea for you!

1. If you don’t already know, the TAG La device helps you find your lost items just by clicking a button on the mobile App. What you can do is to have your ring prepared in a box or however you wish, and then attach TAG La to it.

2. Next, place it somewhere where your friends and family are at (the proposal venue) so that they can have a look out at the ring for you. On a side note, make sure the distance between your location and the ring stays between the 75 feet range!

3. Take her on a casual date and tell her randomly that you’ve lost something important and create an opportunity for her to click that button to help you find it. As she clicks the button and as the tracker finds its way to your Ring, make some exciting setups on the way. Perhaps it could be all of the pictures you’ve taken together, little post-it notes, or a flower petals trail leading up to the ring, fairy lights… Then you reach the ring, and that’s the moment where you pop the question.

However, if you prefer it to be more private, where there’s just you and her, then, even more so you need TAG La! TAG La also has an amazing built-in photography function which makes it a selfie remote too. I’m sure you would want to capture this moment and keep it forever. Place the camera at a perfect angle, then use TAG La to snap the shot at your perfect moment and timing. Just make sure to practice it because you wouldn’t want to miss that click!

Just Do It, And Hope She Says YES!

After you have all of that planned, all that’s left to do is to just do it, and earnestly hope for the answer you wish to hear — “YES!”

YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED! Marriage and the wedding is not just simply a ritual and ceremony, it is a covenant. A covenant and union between two who love each other so deeply. Guys who are reading this, whether you are planning to propose to your special girl, or if you are already engaged, we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.