Malaysian; Always And Forever Will Be

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Just a month ago, we celebrated Independence Day and Malaysia Day.

Malaysia — such a beautiful country and nation; with different cultures and races all united as ONE. Many a time, we don’t see how fortunate and blessed we are to be born and bred where we are. Oftentimes, we’ve overlooked the true meaning of our roots and we neglect the fact that we should be proud of this beautiful country we all call Home.

So what if today, you were asked: “What do you like about Malaysia?” “What’s the best thing about Malaysia?” “Why are you proud to be Malaysian?”, I am confident that most of us have our own unique stories to tell.

If you were to ask all of us here at TAG La, we love Malaysia for many different reasons, but here are some that we hold so dearly and closely to.

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Yum, the Malaysian specialty food! In Malaysia, we are known and famous for foods like Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Curry Laksa, Char Kuey Teow, Banana Leaf Rice, Biryani, and so many more. It’s difficult to describe it, you just have to try it to verdict! These dishes are made with different spices and ingredients to create salivating fragrance and pungent aroma. If you’ve had any of these foods, you’ll know what we mean! It’s highly addictive and irresistible, and leaves you craving for more. 

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Malaysia consists of many different ethnic and cultures; namely the Malay, the Chinese, and the Indian, along with the Indigenous groups in East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak). Growing up in a multicultural society, most of us are equipped and fluent in so many different languages – that is, Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin, and even Tamil!

If you remember back in the days, most of us may recall the special occasions where we would wear different traditional costumes to school during festive seasons and especially during the Bulan Merdeka (Independence Month). I don’t know about you, but seeing all of us speaking the same languages and learning of different cultures from one another just makes us feel so connected, and that is the beauty of Unity.

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This is what we’re talking about lah!

Yes, that’s right. The Malaysian slang. Little did we realise that our daily dialogue with friends and family has become something that makes us stand out. Our unique way of speaking makes us special that the moment people hear us say the word “Lah”, they easily categorise us as the authentic Malaysians.

Just for laughs, we have collected a few Malaysian slang favourites:

  • Ya lah! – Yes
  • Leng Zai / Leng Lui – To describe a handsome man and a pretty woman
  • Yumcha – To meet up for a meal/gathering/hangout
  • Tapau – To take away/pack your food
  • Sien – To feel defeated or annoyed
  • Potong Stim – To describe someone who is a party pooper

… and the amazing list goes on!

Though it can be scorching hot at times, Malaysia has one of the best weathers among all. Our country is sunny all year long with a little bit of rain, however, it doesn’t usually rain on our parade.

Some may complain that it’s too hot to even be living here, but we have missed all the good things that come with a sunny weather we are able to dry our laundry fast, we are able to enjoy the sea breeze, we are able to do outdoor sports, we don’t have to put on layers of clothing before heading out… there’s so many reasons to love the Malaysian weather! Let us appreciate what we’re blessed with today.

You may be wondering, why TAG La? Why did we name it TAG La? But let us be honest, what is the first thing that comes to our mind when we see the word ‘La’? That’s right, “so Malaysian lah”! When our founders Edison Lim and Max Chua first got started with the business, they wanted to create something that would make us Malaysians proud of who we are and where we come from.

“The simplest concept for others to recognize a culture or nationality comes from how we act and how we behave. No matter which ethnicity you come from, whenever you hear of the term ‘la’, you can easily categorise them as Malaysian!”

– Edison Lim, our CEO & Co-Founder –

It’s easy for us to name globally known tech products, but for Malaysian products, not many of us can name it out in an instinct. Therefore, we should be proud of our home ground products, especially in the technology sector. Here in TAG La, we encourage all Malaysians to embrace and be proud to be Malaysian and be proud to own a Malaysian-made product. We should be proud of who we are, we want people to know who we are, even globally.

Why and what are you specifically proud of as a Malaysian today? Don’t be afraid, stand tall, and all chins up!

“We Are One, We Are Proud, We Are Malaysia”!