Man in Suit Steals Malaysian Lady’s iPad in a cafe!


One of our TAG La’s users, Angeline successfully retrieved her stolen iPad from a man’s bag by using TAG La!

“Hi TAG La, I’m Angeline and I have a story to share. This incident just happened recently.

I’m a Penangnite and I just arrived KL last week for a job interview. With all the luggage and baggage hanging around, I had to stop by a café to wait for my friend to pick me up.

I was having my daily cuppa while my friend called and said she has arrived the cafe. So, without hesitation, I immediately drank up my cup of tea and grabbed all my belongings before I leave, but I didn’t notice that I have left out my small baggage, until I hopped into my friend’s car.

I double-checked my belongings and the small baggage wasn’t there. I immediately went back to the café to find it, and dear God, it was still there, peacefully lying on the couch. Just when I happily took my bag and was ready to leave, I felt something was wrong. I reached into my bag, and sure enough, my iPad was already gone!

I started to recall the last time I used my iPad, and what I remembered was that I just used my iPad a few minutes ago in this café. I was very sure I put it into my bag after used, so there’s no way I lose it somewhere else.

So, I took out my TAG La and double-clicked it and heard my iPad’s alarm go off – it was still in the cafe and it was very close to me! I narrowed it down to a man at the next table, rapidly going through his backpack, trying to find out what was making noise!

I confronted him to retrieve my iPad. I grabbed it back and walked out to my friend without saying a word. He was left embarrassed.

Thank you so much, TAG La. I have never thought this will ever happen to me. Even though it did, but TAG La just saved me from spending money to buy a new iPad. Once again, thank you so much!


Angeline, Penang

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