Recover Your Lost iPhone


TAG La just helped one of our customers to recover his iPhone and prevent him from being a victim of theft.

Our customer Chai, had a date with his girlfriend and almost ended up being a victim of theft. Chai dropped his iPhone unknowingly after having a dinner date with his girlfriend in a restaurant. Just when his girlfriend asked for a selfie, he noticed his phone wasn’t in his pocket. He thought he left it in the restaurant, so he went back to the restaurant to retrieve his iPhone, only to find that it wasn’t in the restaurant either. He asked one of the waiters to help him look for it, but they couldn’t find it. Thus, he pulled out his TAG La and reverse rung his iPhone; unfortunately, no sound was heard.

Just when he walked out from the restaurant and started to think of getting a new phone, he heard a very familiar “siren” coming out from a garbage bin nearby the restaurant. He reached into the garbage bin, and sure enough, he found his iPhone lying underneath a used tissue.

“I dropped my phone somewhere near the restaurant and I believe someone has picked it up, but he/she may not have intention to return it to me. Just while I double-clicked my TAG La Bluetooth tracker, it triggered a loud siren on my phone. The loud siren may have grabbed too much attention and he/she couldn’t switch it off, so he/she had no choice but to throw it away.”


-Chai, from JB.

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