Say Goodbye To Generic Corporate Gifts

Many a time,  when we think about corporate gifts, we tend to have a perception that it’s insignificant or just a “supplementary” item to our events and meetings, resulting in us neglecting its importance and how much of an impact it can actually bring to the receiver if the right gift is given out. It’s a common scenario: we receive gifts from a certain event and the next thing we know, those gifts either end up in the bin or left aside to collect dust. 

Very sure most of us can relate that we’ve all received these gifts and not knowing what to do with them: 

1. Candles

As appealing as it looks, some may not accept the idea of candles; either because of the scent of the candle, or they just simply don’t see the purpose of it. Many may wonder: Why the need for candles when we have the amazing invention of lights, right?

2. Pens

Let us be honest, how many of us actually really want to use the pens we get from events or convention meetings? We all have that preferred brand of pen we like using, a pen that we are familiar and comfortable writing with. Hence, truth to be told, these free gift pens usually end up being left isolated at a corner. 

3. Notebooks

If there’s one thing that we’re constantly hoarding, it’s notebooks (if and unless you enjoy journaling and need endless supply of it). Otherwise, it will just be left piling on our desks and bookshelves. We need to stop being the contributor to overloaded desks and bookshelves! 

4. Badges

Except if you’re a badge lover, a badge pretty much only serves as a decor item. Therefore, some of us may not be able to resonate with the idea of it.

Corporate gifts can be a powerful tool. Given the opportunity, we should be grateful that we can use corporate gifts that we are giving out to impact someone else’s life, subtly. Instead of giving out generic gifts that open doors to the perception of “not putting in enough effort”, we should give a thorough reconsideration of our corporate gift ideas today. 

Stressing out about corporate gift ideas already? Don’t fret, we’ve got a first solution for you!

TAG La — Your Go-To Corporate Gift

TAG La is a miracle working Bluetooth device that helps you find your lost items in just seconds! Not only is this device useful, it can also help to raise your brand’s awareness by customising your corporate brand name and logo on the device itself; killing two birds with one stone. TAG La comes in 6 vibrant colours: Yellow, Black, Red, White, Blue, and Green, and you are free to customise it based on your needs. 

White Logo Print

Logo printing in white is available for all TAG La, except the ‘White’ version.

Black Print

Logo printing in black is available for all TAG La except the ‘Black’ version.

Coloured Print

Coloured prints are available for all TAG La, but they do look best on the ‘White’ and ‘Black’ versions of TAG La. 

You can be rest assured that all prints are done with high quality UV print. 

Some Of Our Corporate Clients

Why TAG La As A Corporate Gift?

1. No More Frustrations

Simply attach TAG La to any of your valuables that you don’t want to lose and connect it to the TAG La app. With just a click of a button on the app, your once lost item will now be found. 

2. Hopefulness In Hopelessness

The TAG La device is functional through the Bluetooth feature. Hence, the tracking range between your mobile phone and the TAG La device is 75 feet. Yes, many of us may think that this is it, if we go out of the 75 feet range, our items are long gone, but there is hope! Ask for help from our TAG La Global Community and you will be notified on the app when another TAG La user’s location is close by to your lost item, and you will automatically receive the location of your item. How amazing is that?

3. Small But Powerful

For phone users who are always forgetful: If you happen to lose your phone or have no idea where you last had it, all you have to do is to double click on the TAG La device and your phone will miraculously ring even if it’s on silent mode.

4. Picturesque

Calling all who love to take pictures. This device is not only an item finder, but it can also be used as a selfie remote, resulting in no more hassles when taking pictures!

5. Nothing Is Lost

Our tagline keeps its promise. With TAG La, to find your missing items is not rocket science as the app remembers when and where you last had your items, helping you to find your items even more conveniently. 

Show your clients, stakeholders, and partners that you care. It’s the little thought that is put into designing the corporate gift that counts. It is more than just business, it is setting a lifestyle. Be a trendsetter today! 

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our VIPs are happy with the gift! Glad that your team delivered on time even it's in Indonesia!
Edoward Nelson B
PT Huawei Tech Investment
Thanks for the unique corporate gift, it was definitely a great corporate gift to our VIPs.
Kuzaimah Idris
Head of PR, Communications and Partnerships
Hi TAG La! Event finished yesterday and everyone is so happy with their TAG La.
Event organizer for MINI

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