Man in suit steals Malaysian lady’s iPad from her bag, Immediately Regrets it!


An incredible video has been released showing the moment a thief stealing an iPad from an unattended bag. The shocking footage has now been viewed 1.2 million times since being posted.

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A man has been caught stealing an iPad from a bag when a woman left her bag unattended in a cafe at Mont Kiara. Little did he realize, he had picked on the wrong target, because he was caught immediately after the owner of the bag, Ms Wong, came back to retrieve her belonging. She opened it to check on her belongings and that was the time when she found out that her iPad was missing.




Wong kept the iPad into her bag before she went to the toilet, but when she came back to her seat, she saw one of the café’s staff, Mr Leong was having argument with the man. Her instinct told her that something was wrong, so she went on to check her bag and she was right, her iPad went missing.



Leong informed Wong the whereabouts of her iPad as he had witness the stealing process and even tried to retrieve her iPad from the man, but the man refused to do so and claimed that Wong was his friend.

Wong later approached the man to know the whereabouts of her iPad; yet, the man felt offended and argued back aggressively.

The man left her no choice but to take out her Bluetooth tracker, TAG La to locate her iPad. She double-clicked TAG La to trigger her iPad’s alarm. Just as what she expected, the noise of her iPad came right out from the man’s bag.



After being caught red-handed with Wong’s iPad, the man returned it back to her and said he had no intention to steal the iPad but just wanted to borrow it.

After getting back the iPad, Wong walked away while the man were left embarrassed for what he had done.

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