TAG La Buy 2 Free 1 Promotion is back!


Dear TAGFORMERS, your long-awaited TAG La Buy 2 Free 1 promotion has finally made its grand return! Now, we have revoked the previous 3 Pack and 6 Pack promotion, but instead we replaced it with our newest Buy 2 Free 1 Promotion. With the Buy 2 Free 1 Promotion, you will only need to pay a price for two TAG La, and get another exquisite TAG La for free; therefore, there will be 3 TAG La in total! Let me do the math for you, it’s RM139.8 for 3 TAG La.


Although each TAG La has been adjusted to the original price (RM69.90), but if you get 2 TAG La, you can always get another one for free; if you get 4 TAG La, then you’ll have another 2 TAG La for free. Purchase more and get more free TAG La!

1. Visit our website www.tagla.com.my and click “Buy Now”.


2. Purchase at least 2 TAG La with the colours of your choice, and then click “Add to Cart”.


3. Click “View Cart” after you’ve done selecting the products.


4. You will see this pop up window in the cart, and you may begin to select your complimentary TAG La.


5. Just select the colour of your choice and click “Add gifts”. Patiently wait for a few seconds as the system takes some times to load.


6. All your TAG La, including the complimentary one, will appear on this page! At this point, you can proceed to make the payment!


Don’t wait, hurry up and purchase it from our website now! www.tagla.com.my


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