TAG La // Le Tresor Flower Valuable Gift Package! TAG La now comes with bouquets!


Good deal! Good deal! We, TAG La is bound to present the best deal to our dearest customers! Here we are, with our most valuable gift package ever! Now you can get a brand new TAG La, with a fine bouquet of Le Tresor Flower hand-tied flowers with a package price! A combination of Bluetooth tracker and hand-tied bouquet, you can never find it anywhere else.


As you may already know, you do not need to pick the right time to send a gift to your loved ones. You do not need to wait for any special occasions. Whether it is to your spouse, family, or friends, you can always express your love and gratitude to them through gifts as a surprise anytime and anywhere.

**Cute surprise is always the best! **

TAG La comes with six colors. They are Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White. Every TAG La has its own corresponding colour bouquet!


Black TAG La X Black Roses


Red TAG La X Red Roses


Yellow TAG La X Yellow Roses


Green TAG La X Green Carnations


Blue TAG La X Blue Roses


White TAG La X White Roses


Aren’t they beautiful? Can you resist the temptation?


Here’s the price and regulations:

You can now get this valuable gift package for only RM135, inclusive of shipping fee. TAG La and flower bouquet will be sent directly to your loved ones. It has no promotional period and dateline, so you can get it whenever you want. If you want the gift to be received on a specific date, at least 2-days prior notice will be required to ensure the gift can be delivered to your loved one on time. You may place your order now if you’re interested, but do keep in mind that this valuable gift package is valid within the Klang Valley only.


For more information, please log on to www.tagla.com.my or visit Le Tresor Flower Instagram

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