TAG La now opens for Pre-Order

with Special Promotion!


Attention to all TAGFORMERS! TAG La is now opening for pre-order until 30th of June 2017 ONLY! Not only that, we are also having a special pre-order promotion for our TAGFORMERS! Grab your brand new TAG La now to enjoy this interesting discount before it’s too late!


What’s the promotion?

During this pre-order period, we will be having a package promotion!

1 Pack Original Price RM69.90; Promotional Price RM59.90 (15% discount)

3 Packs Original Price RM209.70; Promotional Price RM159.70 (25% discount)

6 Packs Original Price RM419.40; Promotional Price RM293.60 (30% discount)

Of course, you can get 2 packs, 4 packs or as many packs as you want! There’s no limit!!! It’s totally up to you and you are still be able to enjoy this special promotion!



This promotion valid until 30th of June ONLY! Don’t miss this great opportunity! 


Feeling excited yet?

Don’t wait! Log on to http://www.tagla.com.my or visit our official Facebook Page to pre-order now!


TAG La现已开放预购,



所有TAGFORMERS请注意! TAG La现已开放预购。预购期将开放至2017年6月30日为止! 不仅如此,我们也为我们的 TAGFORMERS 量身打造了个特别的预购促销!现在就预购您全新的 TAG La 以享有这项促销!




1个 TAG La 原价RM69.90; 促销价RM59.90(折扣15%)

3个 TAG La 原价RM209.70; 促销价RM159.70(折扣25%)

6个 TAG La 原价RM419.40; 促销价RM293.60(折扣30%)

当然,您也可以直接买2个,4个或更多! 没有限制,也不需要跟着我们的配套, 完全取决于您!不管您买多少,您都可以享受这一项特别优惠!



预购期和促销只开放到 2017 年 6 月 30 日而已!千万别错过这个大好机会啊!



马上浏览 http://www.tagla.com.my 或是上我们的官方面子书 开始预购吧!

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