TAG La V2: A Solution To Your Misplaced & Missing Items.

A Bluetooth tracking device that keeps your valuables safe in your hands. Our device bundles 5 unique functions into 1 small and stylish item.

Not only is it good for the safety of your valuables, it looks amazingly stylish as well. You can basically wear anything with it and still look fresh!

Research shows that a person wastes on average 10 minutes every day looking for misplaced items. Add that up and you have wasted a total of 150 days in your lifetime.

The purpose for our new shape is because TAG La does not only help you locate misplaced items, it serves as a reminder to always treasure time, even in seconds.

The new shape represents time, a clock, a watch. As small and convenient as it gets, it is to be carried around in your everyday life.

1) Attach

Attach your TAG La device to the items you don't want to lose and connect it to the TAG La App.

2) Ring

Ring your TAG La device with a simple tap on your screen through our TAG La App.

3) Find Your Phone

Double press on your TAG La device and your phone will ring even if its on silent mode.

4) Lost History

Once you overextend the tracking range, your phone will automatically receive a notification notifying you that you've left your item behind. You can check the last location of your item in the App.

5) Crowd GPS

If you've lost an item outside of the tracking range, you can ask the TAG La community for help. If a TAG La user passes by your item, you will receive the latest location of your item.

6) Selfie Remote

Use your TAG La as a selfie remote to take a picture with our in-app camera.

We want to be globally recognized as a Malaysian Brand. The new shape represents a globe, meaning that we want to be worldwide.

The reason we are proud to be a Malaysian brand is because there are close to zero worldwide known Malaysian brands. We want to help Malaysia push the needle and encourage fellow Malaysians to do the same.

We aspire to be
an icon for Malaysians to do what they love and believe that Malaysians can do it as well!

As it is a new product, TAG La will be having a pre-order sale starting today until 14th of May at the price of only RM59.90!

You don't want to miss out on this great deal!