How does TAG La work? - Special features and functions.

TAG La, a Bluetooth tracker (or we prefer to call it an Item Finder) is a small gadget that you can attach to your personal belongings and connect it to your phone using Bluetooth to keep track on your belongings. It helps to track your items and locate them by alerting you when they get misplaced. So, how does it work?

Attach TAG La to anything that you don't want to lose (keys, wallet, bag pack etc.) and connect it to the TAG La app.

TAG La uses Bluetooth to communicate with the TAG La app on your smart phone or tablet. The TAG La app "discovers" a TAG La and establishes a connection to it using the Bluetooth signal. Open the app to find your item or ring your phone by double click the TAG La's button, even if it's on silent.

When you notice your TAG La is missing and it’s not nearby, your TAG La app can help you retrace your steps! TAG La app remembers when and where you last had your item. Once the TAG La device is disconnected from the app, the last connected location will be shown on the app.

1. Community Search

Enable "Notify when found" to enlist the power of the TAG La community. Find your lost item by tapping the "Ask for help" button. When any TAG La user comes near your lost item, you will receive an updated location on your app immediately.

2. Built-in Photography Feature

Freezing your special moments with the built-in photography feature in the TAG La app. Simply click on the TAG La's button to take photo. No timer and selfie stick needed.

3. Notification

TAG La app notifies you immediately if you left your item behind. If you are out of the 75 feet Bluetooth range, the application will pop up a message to remind you.

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