TAKE BACK Program has been launched as promotion feedback to our TAGFORMERS!


To our fellow TAGFORMERS, we have great news for you! We believe most of our existing customers should be very upset about one same thing, which is “How am I supposed to do with my old TAG La? It couldn’t connect to the new app and I can’t enjoy the new feature”.  Are we right about this? Do not worry, we will never forget every single one of you. We have already launched a TAKE BACK Program, in order to give back to our TAGFORMERS that once supported us. What is TAKE BACK Program you ask?


This is TAKE BACK Program! To participate in this program, all old TAG La buyers/users will have to send back the old TAG La and the order number to us by 31st of August, in exchange for a Promo code with a one-time 50% discount! After receiving your promo code, quickly log on to our website to purchase new TAG La! 6 PACK TAG La is the most valuable package *hint hint*. Think about it, 6 PACK TAG La has a 30% discount, plus our 50% discount promo code, that will be 80% discount in total! Do the math. You can’t find it anywhere else in Malaysia.


Since the TAKE BACK Program has been in place for nearly a month now and due to the active participation of our TAGFORMERS, we have decided to extend the dateline until 31st of August. Hurry up, it’s final call now! Send us your old TAG La to get a 50% promo code and enjoy up to 80% discount. *terms and conditions applied


For more information, kindly contact us at takeback.tagla@gmail.com or log on to www.tagla.com.my

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