Top 5 Most Beautiful Countries You Must Visit

If you were given a Billion bucks, or if you wake up today a stinking rich person, wouldn’t you want to travel the world and just enjoy the rest of your life before it’s too late? Yes, very sure that’s the dream for everyone!

The world is a huge and beautiful place, and although it sounds impossible to finish travelling the whole world before we die, it’s worth a try.

Even though we are not able to travel during this Covid-19 pandemic, here is a travel destination checklist once we are ready and able to fly! These are some of the best places we recommend travelling to. Be excited, as we take you on a ‘virtual’ world tour right now in three, two, one…

1. Austria

The Hills Are Alive

With The Sound Of Music

This place might sound familiar to you if you’ve watched the classic movie – The Sound of Music. The beautiful country is known for its medieval castles and stunning architecture, and so if you’re a big fan of architecture and buildings, this is the best place to be!

Must-visit places in Austria include Vienna and Salzburg. Schönbrunn Palace, St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna State Opera, are some of the most recommended places to go to when you are in Vienna. As for music lovers, visit Salzburg, the place where Mozart was born and where The Sound of Music was filmed.  Other than sight-seeing, how can we forget about food, right? Some of the must-eat foods in Austria include Marillenknödel (Apricot Dumplings), Linzer Torte, Wiener Schnitzel, and Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel).

2. Australia

“G’day mate!” From Kangaroos, to Koalas, to Fish ‘n’ Chips, to Bevo (Australian slang referring to alcoholic beverages), you just have to be here to encounter the experience. Australia is said to be the world’s largest island and is known as the ‘Land Down Under’. If you are looking to travel to a place not too cold nor too warm, this is the best choice for you!

To explore, the must-visit places in Australia include: 

i) Canberra – the capital of Australia 

ii) Gold Coast – with sunny skies and beautiful beaches

iii) Perth – if you are looking at a more peaceful and less busy city to travel at

iv) Tasmania – waterfalls, forests, and beaches, and one of the best places to visit in Australia

According to an article, Australia’s top 10 most popular traditional foods include Chicken Parmigiana, Lamingtons, Pavlova, Meat Pies, Barramundi, and the very special Vegemite on Toast!

3. Greece

Greece is a beautiful country with many marvellous masterpieces of ancient museums and archaeological sites. Apart from that, the place is also known for its stunning landscapes for those of us who love the sight-seeing of crystal-clear waters, lakes, forests, and everything that has to do with beautiful nature.

The definite top places to visit whenever you are in Greece are Athens, Thessaloniki, Monemvasia, Epidaurus, and also Santorini. For some of us who may not know, Santorini is one of the most romantic places to be. Lovebirds, perhaps this could be your next travel destination together!

Apart from the most romantic place to be, Greece is also known for their ridiculously delicious food that will make you salivate the moment you get your eyes on it. Some of the must-try Greek foods include Baklava, Moussaka, Souvlaki, Dolmathakia, and the Greek Salad.

4. Spain

Enthusiasts of the Spain football team, this is your slot!

According to StatusHomes, Spain is undoubtedly one of the best countries of the world thanks to its all round aspect of great food, people, art, culture, and architecture – that is, the La Sagrada Familia, Flamenco, the alcohol and drinks, and also the obvious, which is the Spanish Football Clubs.

The most recommended place to visit when you are in Spain is the absolute beautiful Barcelona. This is where the historic La Sagrada Familia is situated, and places like Las Ramblas, Casa Milà, La Boqueria, Park Güell, and Plaça de Catalunya is a must-visit!

Ah, did we forget to mention that Spanish food is just a definite go-to cuisine? If you have not tried Spanish food, wait no more! Widely popular and greatly craved food in Spain – Paella, Tapas, Tortilla Española, Patatas Bravas, Pisto, and the amazingly delicious list goes on.

5. Japan

With the best sceneries, food, and the heavenly Cherry Blossom (Sakura) trees, this country is also known for the most polite and welcoming people in the world.

Not just that, it is also a paradise for all who love shopping and also a place for the adventurous; be it on the sporty side or those adventurous with food. This article says that even though Japanese cuisine is available around the world, the country attracts millions of tourists every year just to experience authentic Japanese food. Very sure we all can agree on that.

The one thing we must see when we go to Japan is the blooming of the Sakura trees. The Sakura trees usually bloom in between late March and early April of the year. If you want to catch that special season, plan your trips between those months. It is a season you wouldn’t want to miss!

By now, I’m sure we are all excited to visit these beautiful places as soon as we can or at least once in our life before we die. And whenever we visit places like these, it is unquestionably imperative that we take as many pictures as we can to make sure we capture all the precious moments and memories.

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No matter where you are planning to go for your next trip after the whole pandemic situation is over, we hope that you have the best and the most memorable travelling experience ever.