What functions does TAG La have?

TAG La is small and light, which makes it easy to carry. And most importantly, it has a reasonable price. So, you need not to worry that it will burn a hole in your pocket. Have you own one yet? Have you been aware of the usage of TAG La? If you are still not clear about it, have a look at this article!


1. Attach TAG La to your items


Attach to your keys, slide it in your wallet, put it in your bag, stick it on your laptop or place it next to your important items.


2. “Call out” to your items and make them ring

Download TAG La app on your phone and use the app to “call out” to your item and make it ring! Follow the loud noise to find your items.


3. “Call out” to your phone

Looking for your phone? Double click on TAG La to ring your phone, even if it’s on silent mode!


4. Shows item’s last location

If you drop your items, with the last location feature in your app, you can see where your item is from the map.


5. Notify you immediately if you left your item behind

If you are out of the 75 feet Bluetooth range, the application will pop up a message to remind you.


6. Built-In photography feature

TAG La is not just a tracking device, but a camera remote, too! Freezing your special moment that last forever with the built-in photography feature.


7. Crowd GPS

With Crowd GPS, if you can not find something, lets say your key, maybe someone else can help you find it! As long as they have the TAG La application (iOS and Android), and has opened the Bluetooth and Community Search. Your lost key will issue a unique identification code that can be detected by their application and send a GPS location to your phone. By using Crowd GPS, you can not only help others to find their lost items, but you can also gather our TAG La community to help you retrieve your items.

For more information, please log on to http://www.tagla.com.my


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