What to do on this long weekend in Malaysia?


This coming Friday is the Awal Muharram holiday, with Saturday and Sunday coming up, it will be another exciting long weekend holiday again! Have no idea on what to do on this long weekend? Speaking of planning for holidays, that’s definitely what we are good at! Find out what you can do on this long weekend here! Go go go!


1. Have a drink with friends at a sky bar/lounge bar

Take advantage of this long weekend to go ahead and have fun with your friends and have some drinks with them carefree at a beautiful lounge bar. You don’t have to work on the next day, so why care?


2. Visit our little furry friends

Parents with kids at home or for those who like animals, you may bring yourself and your kids to Farm in the City to visit the little furry friends and have a close contact with them. At the same time, parents can also put down their heavy stress temporarily and have some bonding session with your kids. Farm in the City has a variety of small animals such as turtles, racoons, alpacas, rabbits, etc. You may feed them, touch them and take pictures with them, but do not hurt them.


3. Plan for a staycation, have a close contact with nature

The hectic life of the city somehow makes us out of breath. With this long weekend coming ahead, we must take this opportunity to leave the city for a moment for some fresh air. You may plan for a staycation as well. Recommended Sekeping Serendah Retreat. It is a forest retreat located less than an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. If you have a relatively high budget, consider the Banjaran Hotspring five-star spa hotel, Ipoh for your staycation. With the facilities provided and scenery around the hotel, it is definitely worth a 3D2N stay!


4. Begin your journey to real food

In Malaysia, finding delicious food isn’t a difficult thing to do. You may have been tired of the city’s food and probably have been craving for good food for some times, so it is better to begin your journey to find local authentic cuisine outside of Kuala Lumpur during this long weekend! It’s your best chance to do it after all.


5. Learn to enrich yourself by making some handcrafts

You know, there’s a lot of one-day workshops nowadays teaching you on how to make a hand-tied bouquet, handmade soap, pottery and so on! Quickly search for the upcoming workshop lesson from the Internet and join the lesson with some of your best friends. I’m sure it will become one of your best experiences in your life.


6. Spontaneous trip

No preparation, no planning. Invite your friends and family to go on a spontaneous trip with you. Go for a 3D2N spontaneous trip in Malaysia, I’m sure it will be fun!


7. Join a volunteer program

Being a volunteer can be joyful! And you will find that you have had such a productive day compared to any other day because you have just done a good deed! The people or animals that you’ve helped are feeling blessed and happy.

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